Find Leak CY is a company spasialising in water leak detection and trenchless pipe repair (no-dig) all over Cyprus. They can locate the leak and repair it the same day.

Introducing No-Dig Pipe Repairs with Epoxy Brush Coating

Trenchless pipe repair, in simpler terms known as trenchless pipe rehabilitation, refers to the process of repairing a pipe without the need for excavation or any destructive measures.

With the Epoxy Brush Coating method, we establish a new layer within the existing pipe, following these steps:

We start by inspecting the suspected pipe using a CCTV Drain Camera until the issue is identified.

The pipe is then thoroughly cleaned and prepared through grinding and sanding.

Next, we apply the epoxy sealant to the problematic sections of the pipe, essentially creating a new pipe within the old one!

This procedure typically requires less time, cost, and importantly, avoids any digging or damage to your property.

At Find Leak CY, we are proud to offer repairs for drain and rainwater pipes with diameters ranging from 1.5 inches to 8 inches.

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